Illinois State Police increasing patrols as expressway shootings soar

Complaining about heavy traffic along area expressways is the least of Chicagoans concerns. A big worry for many motorists is simply trying to avoid expressway shootings.

"It’s very distressing, innocent bystanders being shot and killed," said Lindsey Artola of the North Side.

Townsell Forbes has worked in transportation services for 40 years. He says road rage displayed by angry drivers is out of control.

"I think there’s a lot of aggression out between drivers. People saying you cut me off, you’re driving too slow," Forbes said.

Beginning Friday, Illinois State Police will increase patrols 157%. Troopers will be out evenings into the overnight hours — times known to see increased criminal activity.

As of September, Chicago has seen some 185 expressway shootings this year alone. ISP says there were 83 shootings last year in September.


Four shootings have occurred on area expressways in the last three days. Officers from around the state will now be assigned to District Chicago to help in the effort.

Motorists that FOX 32 spoke to truly hope the initiative will help.

"I would hope that will help. Violence is terrible. I have three sons of my own. I fear every time they go out the door," said Beverly Marshall of the South Side.

ISP says they’re also still working to install more license plates readers on Chicago expressways. There are about 100 readers in place citywide.