Illinois State Police warn motorists about trucker protest set to roll through Chicago area

The People's Convoy protest is set to roll through Chicagoland Tuesday, and it comes with a warning from Illinois State Police (ISP).

The group of semi-trucks is set to start convening around 5 p.m. near Gurnee Mills mall. They could also have supporters on the ground in the area.

The unknown number of semi-trucks will depart at 6 p.m., traveling south on I-94 to I-294 and eventually on I-65 to Hebron, Indiana.

Illinois State Police said they would have troopers following the 30-mile journey and that they are prepared to make arrests if necessary.

Most notably, The People's Convoy was in Ottawa, Canada. The crowds called for the forceful elimination of all COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates.


ISP says the traffic hang-ups could be dangerous.

"With traffic having backups, it's a well proven fact that when traffic is either stopped or extremely slow on the interstate, that people that are distracted often times run into the back of that stopped traffic. And so it causes fatalities and serious personal injury traffic crashes," said ISP Sgt. Christopher Watson.

Because the convoy does make changes on their routes, ISP says to put where you are going into your GPS so that you will see in real-time any traffic issues.