Illinois will begin waiving tax on groceries, gas; Indiana to raise gas taxes

Starting Friday, Illinois will begin waiving tax on groceries and gas.

This initiative is part of Gov. Pritzker's plan to combat record inflation.

The tax waiver is temporary, and will run through the remainder of the year.

The state will waive the inflation increase on the motor fuel tax.

This will affect the projected amount that was supposed to increase automatically on July 1, officials said.

The state does also charge sales tax on gasoline, but that will not be affected. 

Drivers in Indiana will also see a change in the price at fuel pumps come Friday — but not for the better.

Gas taxes will grow to 62 cents a gallon. 


Right now, drivers are paying a record-high of 56 cents.

Indiana has two taxes on gasoline — a seven-percent sales tax, and a tax directed to infrastructure projects.