Indiana bride demands refund from wedding venue amid coronavirus pandemic

An Indiana bride did not get cold feet, but the coronavirus pandemic is delaying her walk down the aisle.

Now, she is struggling to get a refund from the venue she booked.

The bride says the venue canceled. The venue says the bride canceled. Either way, the coronavirus has crashed a lot of weddings and many brides are eyeing Indiana and neighboring Wisconsin for their ceremonies.

Pritrice Colquitt is a nurse that survived COVID-19. She has seen her own patients die of the virus and says she was looking forward to some joy this month.

"This is supposed to be my big day, my birthday and it's unfair,” she said.

The soon to be 40-year-old is also soon to be a wife. Her wedding date was set for May 24, for 80 guests, but she says her venue canceled.

"It wasn't my fault that the wedding venue was canceled. I thought they would give me my money back or something,” she said.

The wedding location was supposed to be at Meyer’s Castle in Dyer, Indiana. The owner of the castle, Elizabeth Urquiza, says she did not cancel the date and there are no refunds as stated in the contract.

"She called me a week ago saying she'd like to cancel. The contract specifies there are no refunds or cancelations and there is a clause about the act of God which is beyond my control,” Urquiza said.

“This is an issue for anyone planning to tie the knot right now,” said wedding planner Susan Cordogan of Big City Bride.

Cordogan says the coronavirus has crashed many Illinois weddings.

"It's a big difference in Illinois that is 10 people for the foreseeable future, where in Indiana in three weeks, we are looking at 250,” she said.

Starting Sunday in Indiana, gatherings of 100 people can happen as long as CDC guidelines are followed.