Indiana coronavirus death toll goes past 1,500 people

Indiana’s death toll from confirmed or presumed coronavirus illnesses has topped 1,500 people, according to Indiana State Department of Health statistics released Sunday.

The agency reported 17 newly confirmed COVID-19 deaths that occurred between Wednesday and Saturday, along with one additional death considered coronavirus related by doctors but without confirmation of the illness from test results.

The latest state statistics list 1,379 confirmed COVID-19 deaths, along with 129 deaths with probable infections. Indiana’s earliest recorded coronavirus death was less than two months ago on March 15.

The state health department has opened 20 sites around Indiana for conronavirus testing of those with symptoms of the respiratory illness, those in close contact with someone infected and people with high-risk health conditions. Thirty more testing sites are scheduled to open this week. Test registration can be done online at or by calling (888) 634-1116.