Indiana could be added to Chicago's travel order list as photo of boat party goes viral

Indiana University is investigating after a huge boat party was spotted near campus.

In a now viral photo, you can see dozens of young people packed aboard a pontoon. Health officials say scenes like that in the photo are the reason Indiana may be placed on Chicago’s travel quarantine list.

We should learn Tuesday whether or not Indiana is added to the list.

The viral photo was captured over the holiday weekend. At least three pontoon boats can be seen tied together on Lake Monroe near Bloomington, Indiana, with not a lot of social distancing going on.

Nearby college officials at Indiana University say any students caught violating the school’s COVID-19 guidelines could face sanctions such as suspension or expulsion.

After a coronavirus outbreak at IU’s campus, university officials have blamed Greek life and are asking fraternities and sororities to re-evaluate their living situations.

Northwestern Medicine's Dr. David Zich says campuses have been the catalyst for some outbreaks.

“We've seen a steady uptick in the virus activity. It hasn't been a dramatic increase but it has been steady. And a lot of it is correlated with the younger people getting together and now going back to school,” Dr. Zich said.

Right now, 21 states and Puerto Rico are on Chicago’s travel quarantine list, meaning upon arrival from one of these states, you must quarantine for 14 days.


Last week, Dr. Allison Arwady, Chicago’s health commissioner, says Indiana may be next.

"They are doing better than they were last week…they really are on the cusp of being added to the quratine list,” she said.

In Illinois, we've now surpassed more than a quarter of a million cases of COVID-19, with another 1,381 cases reported Monday and 8 additional deaths.

“We’re trying to predict, and this virus is extraordinarily difficult to predict. However, we are expecting that you probably will see a second surge as we get into the colder miles,” Dr. Zich said.