Indiana voters ready for Tuesday primary

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Indiana is the center of the American political universe this week as the state prepares for the Tuesday primary.

This weekend Indiana was inundated with presidential candidates. Voters FOX 32 Chicago caught up with are excited for Tuesday, but also ready for it to be over.

Some told us they wish the candidate selection pool was a little bigger. 

“All the different candidates that are in the race it kind of makes me nervous,” said Shatio Barrard an Indiana resident.

“I don't like the choices, but I’m probably going to end up voting for Trump,” said Indiana resident Milton Little.

Sunday afternoon we headed over the state line in search of a good cross section of voters.  We landed at Maxim's Restaurant and Lounge in Merrillville.  Sitting in on few late lunches we discussed this year's hot political season.

“I've been kind of disappointed with what has been offered,” said Denise Bildilli who says she’s now voting for Trump.  “Trump is a little bit crazy, but maybe we need a little bit of crazy, I think he might protect our country a little better than some of the more liberal people.”

Robert Bell says his hot button issue is retirement so he's feeling the Bern.

“Bernie Sanders is making a big impact in that area and in fact I think I will vote for him,” said Bell.

So what's going to happen in Tuesday's primaries? Hard to tell.

A NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll shows Donald Trump leading by 15 points over Ted Cruz while another poll - conducted by an Indiana political think tank -- gives Cruz a 16 point lead.

On the democratic side most polls are showing front runner Hillary Clinton beating Bernie Sanders, but only by a handful of percentage points.

“I think it could end up being a close race especially with the polls it could end up being within a few hundred votes,” said Little.

“We are not going to have the perfect leader, but I believe the Democrats will be more fair in governing our nation,” said Terry Nunnery. “Hopefully after Indiana votes then we will know exactly the clear leader is.”

In Indiana there are 57 republican delegates and 92 democratic delegates. Both Trump and Clinton are still a couple hundred delegates short of the nomination.

Trump, Cruz and Sanders will make more stops in Indiana before Tuesday's primary.