'Inexcusable': Chaos continues at Midway after Southwest cancels 2,400 more flights

Whether reading a book or rocking back and forth on a dolly, day four of "where’s my luggage" continues. 

"My original flight was on the 23rd, I didn’t get on a plane until the 26th. My luggage left on the 24th," one passenger said.

Southwest travelers were back in line to speak with customer service Thursday. 

Some people waited up to two hours receiving no results. 

JoeEllyn and her husband flew in from Atlanta to meet their grandson Logan for the first time. 

All of his gifts were inside their bags, missing since Christmas Eve. 


"I’m sorry, it’s 2022 how could you at least not be able to scan [luggage] tags so people can go online and say, ‘oh it’s here, or it hasn’t made it,’" JoeEllyn said. 

Southwest plans to return to "near-normal flight operations by Friday, with minimal disruptions", according to their latest statement. 

Airline officials blamed the winter storm for the meltdown. Experts say the carrier’s dilapidated IT system threw off crew and fleet schedules. 

It comes as 2,400 southwest flights were canceled Thursday alone.  Roughly 10,000 flights were canceled since Christmas. 

As JoeEllyn awaits to find her bags, one thing is for sure. She says her Southwest credit card will soon be trashed. 

"We put thousands of dollars on the card every month and when we get back that will be changed. This is inexcusable in my book", JoeEllyn said. 

Southwest leaders have apologized for the mishap saying they will refund travelers for canceled flights and other expenses.