Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgard talk new horror film 'Infinity Pool'

The new movie "Infinity Pool," now playing in theaters, has already been called "one of the most shocking horror films of all time" – so naturally, we sent FOX 32's Jake Hamilton (and lover of all things horror) to check it out.

The film features an American couple who, while on vacation in a foreign country, accidently run down and kill a farmer crossing the road. Sentenced to execution by the foreign government, they’re presented with a loophole – for a large sum of money, they can have clones made of themselves who will be executed instead.

This leads the couple to meet a group of tourists who return to the resort year after year – because they know they can do whatever they want and just buy their way out of trouble by having their clones executed time and time again.

"Infinity Pool" stars Alexander Skarsgard and Mia Goth – and the pair spoke with Jake Hamilton about the film’s shocking use of violence and sex, but insist they never concerned themselves with what would be allowed to be shown in the final cut of the film.


"For me, I just really believed Brandon [Cronenberg, the director]’s vision for the movie, the cinematic language, they world that they created," Skarsgard said.

His co-star Mia Goth added "I think as an actor, if you’re concerned with the results of a project or you’re thinking about how it’s going to be received, you’re running into trouble."

"Infinity Pool" is playing in theaters now.