Investigators: Fox Lake officer killed with his own gun

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - One month after the fatal shooting of Fox Lake Police Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz, police are revealing new details to try and dispel rumors about what might have happened.

“I've heard the word conspiracy used quite often, and we want the public to have as much information as possible without revealing any information that's going to compromise our investigation,” said George Filenko, the commander of the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force.

Investigators revealed that there was evidence of a struggle at the scene, and they confirmed that Gliniewicz was shot twice with his own gun.

“One of the shots entered the right side of the front of his vest, the shot was severe enough, and this is the pathologist and the corners estimation, to incapacitate the lieutenant. A comparison was made, it would be similar to that of a sledgehammer hitting you in the side,” Filenko said.

Police also revealed that there was gunshot residue found on Gliniewicz's hands, but said it was inconclusive.

“The weapon could have been fired by Lieutenant Gliniewicz or he could've been in the close proximity of the weapon being fired,” Filenko said.

Police said they have now taken DNA swabs from over 100 people, and will swab another 30-40 in the days ahead. Nine unknown DNA samples were recovered at the crime scene. Three were good enough to run through the national database and one belongs to a male.

Fox Lake Mayor Donny Schmit said the village needs some resolution.

“Some of the children are wondering if the bad guys are still out there,” he said.

The mayor, who was a good friend of Gliniewicz, recalled arriving at the police station with the chief after learning of the shooting and seeing Gliniewicz's wife.

“She came running up and she asked him, 'is it true Mike?' He said, 'yes Mel, he's gone.' And the moan that came out of her head still resonates with me and I can't get that out of my head,” Schmit said.

The mayor is confident police will solve this case, but as for a motive, investigators remain baffled.

“At this point we have no motive,” Filenko said, but he emphasized this case is still being investigated as a homicide.