Isaac Goodlow's family demands answers in his shooting death by Carol Stream police

Attorneys representing the family of Isaac Goodlow, who was reportedly unarmed when Carol Stream police officers entered his home in February and shot and killed him, filed an amended lawsuit in federal district court on Friday, demanding transparency and accountability.

"It’s stunning to think that the city of Chicago is more transparent than the village of Carol Stream," said Andrew Stroth, the family's attorney.

The amended lawsuit alleges that the Village of Carol Stream has been uncooperative in providing specific details about why officers entered Goodlow’s home and shot him in his bedroom. The lawsuit states that despite public statements claiming a commitment to transparency, the village has hired multiple law firms and released only brief snippets of the nearly one hour of body camera footage from the incident, leaving the family with more questions than answers.

Videos released of Carol Stream police fatally shooting Isaac Goodlow III (FOX 32 )

"The officers' report of the incident said nothing about the shooting or who shot Isaac, did not describe any of the more than 50 minutes they were at his apartment complex, did not detail any of the facts or circumstances or any of the witnesses that were interviewed, facts that were gathered," said Steven Hart, another attorney representing the Goodlow family.

The Goodlow family is demanding that the officer who shot Isaac be identified, that the Carol Stream Police Department's training procedures be reviewed, and that justice be served in Isaac's death.