Italian Heritage Month showcases special book collection at suburban libraries

A special collection of books is being showcased at area libraries this month.

They honor the contributions of Italian Americans to our nation and Chicago's history.

Celebrating Italian Heritage Month, the collection was gifted to 10 local libraries to help those of Italian descent learn more about their history as well as inspire others to recognize the hard work and dedication of Italians and how it made the country what we know today. 

There are special displays with the books in Oak Park as well as public libraries in Elmwood, Elk Grove and Arlington Heights.

"Something beyond pizza and pasta because that's what everyone associates us with and gelato and that's not a bad thing let me tell you, but also to celebrate the past of Michelangelo, Divinci but also to realize that our Italian heritage is something of the present," said Lyn Scolaro, retired Italian teacher.

The selections include books for all age groups and will remain in the spotlight throughout October.