Jaslyn Adams shooting: Vigil held for 7-year-old killed in Chicago

On Monday, dozens of brightly colored balloons filled the sky in memory of 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams.

Adams is being remembered by family as fun and loveable. She was a student at Cameron Elementary School.

Late Sunday afternoon, her life was cut short by gun violence.

"It just don't make no sense that a 7-year-old baby lost her life in this McDonald's driveway. 7-year-old. Six bullets riddled her little body because someone did a cowardly act," said Jaslyn's Grandmother, Lawanda McMullen.

The young girl was with her father in the car at the McDonald's at Roosevelt and Kedzie on Chicago's West Side, when they were both shot. Jaslyn was rushed to the hospital by Chicago police, but did not survive.

"It's about time we all take a stand because they have to put down these guns," said Lawanda McMullen.


Jaslyn's father has a long criminal record, but police have not said if he was targeted. Video from Sunday's shooting shows the car riddled with bullet holes through the back window and trunk.

Tawny McMullen, Jaslyn's Aunt, says Jaslyn was a talkative, sweet child and that she was close with her daughter.

Jaslyn's family and others in the community are continuing the plea to end gun violence.

"My 8-year-old baby say she don't even want to go out and play because she scared she gonna get shot. This gotta stop, " Tawny McMullen said.