'Jeen-Yuhs': Producers follow Kanye West over two decades to create new Netflix documentary trilogy

Long before he was one of the most celebrated, best-selling and controversial music artists of all time, Kanye West was a kid from Chicago. 

His rise through the world of the Chicago rap scene to become the man, artist and controversial figure he is today is the focus of the new three-part documentary trilogy entitled ‘Jeen-Yuhs.' 

I spoke with the two co-directors of the documentary, Coodie and Chicke – who’ve been following Kanye since 1998 – about just how much the city of Chicago shaped the man we know today.  


Between controversies surrounding his relationship with former President Donald Trump and the very public feuds with his ex Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s work has always been in danger of being overshadowed by the TMZ headlines surrounding his personal life. 

And while director Coodie has had a long-standing friendship with Kanye for over 20 years, he says that – when it comes to the final cut of ‘Jeen-Yuhs’ – Kanye was not allowed to weigh in.