Joakim Noah's 'One City Basketball League' aims to reduce youth violence in Chicago

Former Chicago Bulls player Joakim Noah is launching the "One City Basketball League" — collaborating with 28 violence prevention groups.

The league will provide players with financial incentives, as well as off-court programs and job opportunities.

"When I was here in Chicago playing for the Bulls, I did a lot of work in the community. One of the things that was really powerful to me was doing these tournaments where were bringing kids from different backgrounds playing against each other. Chicago is a place that gave me everything I have, playing for the Chicago Bulls, so I always wanted to do work in the city. The city is divided in a lot of ways and one of the ways to unify the city is through hoop," Noah said.


The league will launch later in May.

Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan is also onboard the project.