Joe Mantegna reflects on creation of epic SNL 'Bears superfans' sketch

To celebrate FOX 32’s inaugural Orange Friday, Joe Mantegna returned to Good Day Chicago to talk all things Bears – including taking part in the now-iconic Saturday Night Live sketch which helped coin the phrase "Da Bears!"

Mantegna sat down with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton and brought up the impact that the sketch, first airing in 1991, had on the city of Chicago.

"It became such a thing," Mantegna said. "I visited Chicago a few days later and I remember there were billboards up that said not just ‘Da Bears’ but ‘Da-Paul University,’ ‘Da White Sox,’ ‘Da Cubs’ – it became like a calling card for Chicago fandom period."

George Wendt would eventually join the sketch as Mantegna’s ‘brother’ on Saturday Night Live.