John Wayne Gacy's former attorney reveals untold truths of infamous serial killer in new book

Thirty years ago, the infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy met his demise through lethal injection.

At the time, he had a young 28-year-old attorney who vehemently opposed the death penalty and endeavored to prevent Gacy's execution.

Now, that same attorney has penned a book detailing her experiences, shedding light on this dark chapter in history.

The John Wayne Gacy saga continues to captivate audiences today. Gacy was sentenced to death for the torture and murder of at least 33 young men, most of whom were buried beneath his Chicago home's crawlspace.

Legal Analyst Karen Conti took on Gacy's representation in the 1970s not to secure his freedom but to spare his life due to her staunch opposition to capital punishment.

Having spent over 50 hours conversing with Gacy in prison, Conti reveals that his personality wasn't what most people would expect.

Even now, some of the victims recovered from Gacy's home remain unidentified. Conti explores the possibility of co-conspirators, one of whom she believes took his own life.

Despite Gacy's heinous crimes, Conti maintains her stance against the death penalty, advocating for all individuals, even the most abhorrent, to be spared from execution. Her decision to defend Gacy exposed her to death threats, yet she remains steadfast in her convictions.

Through her book, "Killing Time with Gacy," Conti offers a different perspective, hoping to inspire others to embrace resilience when confronting life's challenges.