Kane County date breach: Hundreds of residents' banking info accidentally emailed to tech support company

In Kane County, a serious data breach occurred when hundreds of residents' banking information was mistakenly emailed to a tech support company.

The village manager of Carpentersville described it as "an awful error of a keystroke."

According to The Daily Herald, a Carpentersville employee inadvertently sent a file containing banking information for over 1,200 residents who use auto-pay for water bills. The file was mistakenly attached to an email that the employee intended to send.

Upon realizing the mistake, officials promptly alerted the tech company, which destroyed the email without opening the file. To prevent similar incidents, the village has implemented an automatic delay on all employee emails.


While the village believes that the financial information was not further transmitted, residents are advised to contact their financial institutions and the police if they notice any suspicious activity on their accounts.