Kankakee County woman gets unexpected call from Mark Wahlberg for her birthday

Lou Hart

One grandma got a heck of a surprise for her 90th birthday this year!

Like many others, Lou Hart won't be able to celebrate a major life event with her family this year due to COVID-19. Hart will turn 90 years old on Nov. 21, and her family is sprinkled all around the country and unable to be with her on that special day.


However, that didn't stop them from planning an epic surprise for their loved one.

Hart, a fan of both Mark Wahlberg and his restaurant, Wahlburgers, received a gift from the star that she most certainly won't forget.

Her family reached out to the Wahlberg Facebook group, and with the help of technology, the star was able to wish her a happy birthday.

Although the family was upset about not being able to celebrate with Hart, they were beyond thrilled to have such a meaningful gift given to their grandma.