Kayden Swann moved out of intensive care in 'remarkable' recovery, doctor says

The 22-month-old boy who was shot on Lake Shore Drive nearly two weeks ago is out of the ICU and breathing on his own, a doctor said Monday.

Lurie Children’s Hospital Dr. Marcelo Malakooti said Kayden Swann has made "remarkable" progress under the hospital's care since being shot in the head during a road rage incident on Lake Shore Drive.

"This is very good news both for Kayden and his family and also for us as we continue to wrestle with persistent incidents of gun violence in our city," Malakooti said.

Malakooti said the toddler's progress is an "extremely positive outcome" to what was an extensive head injury.


Malakooti said Kayden will undergo very intense rehabilitation but will be able to leave the hospital soon.

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