KFC Japan unleashes 'finger sleeves' for diners


Is a KFC meal still "finger lickin'" good if you can't even lick your fingers?

In Japan, the chicken chain is now offering customers something it's calling a "Finger Nup" (nup is short for napkin) for diners who want to keep their paws grease free, reports Japan's RocketNews 24.

The tiny plastic sleeves, which are available for purchase, are designed to keep fingers and thumbs from getting dirty while chowing down on wings, thighs and more.

The chain says the plastic device is an upgrade from using a paper napking to hold said piece of fried chicken. Oil still soaks through regular napkins so company trialled the finger sleeves with an "oil-resistant" material.

Easy to put on and take off, the new product is said to be especially handy for customers with manicured nails or people who want to quickly get back to using their smartphones after eating.

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