Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Protesters rally outside Kenosha courthouse awaiting verdict

Protesters gathered outside the Kenosha County Courthouse on Tuesday awaiting a verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

The crowd of protesters had been growing steadily throughout the day.

The protesters gathered on the front steps of the courthouse, carrying signs, banging on drums and making a lot of noise.

About half the protesters say they believe Rittenhouse needs to go to prison for murder. The other half say he was acting in self-defense and should be acquitted.

While both sides have been generally steering clear of each other, there were some exceptions with angry voices raised.

For the most part, it was peaceful – just noisy.


Kenosha County sheriffs were making a show of force. They were keeping all of the streets open around the courthouse for traffic, but there are barricades in place off to the side to move quickly if and when a verdict comes in.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has called in 500 National Guard troops that will be stationed just outside the Kenosha city limits.

Many of those supporting Rittenhouse were wearing American flag gear and holding flags. But few of them were willing to go on camera, saying they are suspicious that the media will twist their words.

One woman who did talk to FOX 32 is from Kenosha and said she was at the protest because she believes Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense.

"I would just like people to know the truth of that…self-defense is not a crime. That innocent lives should be saved, if a person is innocent regardless of race or anything like that," said Teraya Tompkins.

Another protester, Jay Becker, believes Rittenhouse is guilty.

"We’re here very much in memory of the people who lost their lives in those protests, especially Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum. Because we know Kyle Rittenhouse didn't come here with a fully loaded AR-15 to protect used cars, OK?" she said.