Laguna Niguel woman denied manicure at Happy Nails over Lupus scars; company responds

A Laguna Niguel woman says shes hurt and embarrassed after she claims she was denied a manicure at a nail salon because her Lupus symptoms flared up after being in the hot sun.
She tells us the manicurist made comments about her inflamed skin and now the company is responding.

Emotional testimony from Jennifer Dreyer Brown who still feels humiliated days after posting video to social media.

Last Friday Brown was denied a manicure at Happy Nails off of Golden Lantern in Laguna Niguel because of her Lupus symptoms.

It was the hottest day of the year and the sun had caused her Lupus scars to flare up

Lupus is a lifelong autoimmune disorder where the body attacks its own healthy tissue often leading to inflammation or rashes on the skin.

It is not contagious.
In her video Brown says Happy Nails did give her a pedicure, but refused to work on her hands.

After Brown posted the video to Facebook the Happy Nails in Laguna Niguel was flooded with angry one star reviews on Yelp as people came to her defense.

Scott Wellman is the corporate attorney for Happy Nails and he says the employees were just trying to follow rules.

He tells FOX 11 that even though Lupus is not contagious the employees may not have known that.

Wellman says, he feels bad about the situation and he hopes to be able to make it up to Brown.