Lake County unveils new gun violence prevention plan

Lake County has announced a new crime-fighting plan, dubbed the Gun Violence Prevention Initiative. It was intentionally unveiled on Tuesday to commemorate National Crime Victims Rights Week.

The 45-page plan is a collaborative effort involving police, the sheriff's department, and nonprofit groups.

Notable progress has been made in homicide clearance rates, with the rate rising from 50 percent to a current 70 percent of homicides being solved, according to Lake County State's Attorney Eric Rinehart.

Efforts are underway using cyber resources and other strategies to further the initiative.

"The office has increased victim support through various programs, expanded the number of support professionals and forums than ever before. We have more counselors. We have more bilingual lawyers. We have more therapists than ever before for all victims, but especially for victims of gun violence. As we strive to support all of those victims, we know that prevention stops crime before it happens," said Rinehart.

Additionally, Rinehart highlighted a 41% reduction in homicides.