Lake County mourns the loss of K9 Diesel: 'the closest partner a deputy could have'

Somerville and Diesel | LAKE COUNTY

Canine Diesel of the Lake County Sheriff's Office passed away in the company of his partner, Deputy Craig Somerville, on Saturday.

Canine Diesel was recently diagnosed with cancer, which was found to be in an advanced stage, the Lake County Sheriff's Office said.

He was seven years old, and would have celebrated his eighth birthday on Wednesday.

Diesel | Lake County

Canine Diesel started his career in 2015 and spent those years finding dozens of missing and endangered people, catching fleeing felons and locating significant amounts of contraband.


He waited every day for his partner to open the squad car door so that he could get right to work.

"We are incredibly saddened by the sudden passing of Canine Diesel. Canine Diesel was a sworn member of our staff and added such tremendous value to our office and to the community," said Sheriff John D. Idleburg. "His accomplishments throughout the years will never be forgotten and we will forever be grateful for his service to Lake County.  Deputy Somerville lost the closest partner a deputy could have, and we mourn with him."