Lakeview's spooky street party: Families brave the cold for early Halloween fun

It was a street party fit for fairies, ghosts, TV characters, and princesses on Monday night. Residents took over Southport Avenue in Lakeview to celebrate Halloween a day early.

Candy helped fuel the dancing for families on the North Side. Crazy moves paired with loud music warmed up partygoers on the chilly autumn night.

"It's a little cold, it’s really cold, yeah, I guess we didn’t prepare too much for the weather. I guess we kinda just winged it and hoped for the best," said the Marshalls.

But Monday’s weather was much more welcomed than what little bugs and ninja turtles will experience on Tuesday night.

"We’re going to make chili inside for the chilly weather. Maybe get her a couple more Reese’s for her mom," said the Marshalls.

"You never know what the weather is going to be like for Halloween. I remember it snowed in the past so we just have to be ready," said the Vernons.

The Vernons say partygoers actually lucked out on a pleasant night. But no matter what, they always leave room for layers under costumes, especially while living in Chicago.

"So we had all of our winter gear stuff ready to go underneath our costumes, extra sweatshirts," said the Vernons.

A family dressed as Mario Bros. characters bundled up, too. They plan to go for round two on Halloween night, even with the forecast.

"We’ll still be trucking out in the snow, but maybe not with her," said the Raffertys.

The proceeds from Trick or Treat Southport will benefit Friends of Lakeview, a nonprofit that aims to support a resilient local economy.