Legislation would increase access to heroin antidote

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - A suburban family who lost their son to a heroin overdose is hoping to save others from the same fate. New legislation may help increase access to a life saving antidote.

National deaths from heroin overdoses have tripled in the past five years. And in Chicago's collar counties, heroin  claims a life every three days. Now, a bipartisan backed congressional legislation named in remembrance of Buffalo Grove native Alex Laliberte, aims to decrease those stats.

If passed, "Lali's Law" would increase access to the life-saving antidote Naloxone. Naloxone has proben to be hugely successful as a life-saving antidote. Since officials in Lake County began using the antidote, 55 lives have been saved. With increased access, the World Health Organization predicts naloxone could save another 20,000 lives every year.

Alex Laliberte died seven years ago from a heroin overdose. Laliberte's family, who has founded a substance use and overdose awareness and advocacy organization called Live4Lali, will join Rep. Dold Monday to announce the legislation.