Highland Park couple lands 'Shark Tank' deal with Let Them Eat Candles

A Highland Park couple's sweet innovation landed them on the hit show "Shark Tank." Getting to launch the new business together as a family was the icing on the cake. 

"If I had listened to people early, there would have been a lot of reasons to not pursue this and I just kept going," said Loree Sandler, mom of three and co-founder of edible candle business, Let Them Eat Candles. 

Loree came up with the idea after she watched hot candle wax drip all over her son's homemade birthday cake. It wasn't easy, but she and her husband were able to launch a successful business, currently inking a deal with a Shark Tank investor. 

"I've found in life, when you have these obstacles, you either let it tear you down or you find a way to get past it, which we did and we had probably a half dozen things like that and it makes it more fun when you look backwards and say boy look what we went through," said Loree's husband and business partner, Bob Michelson.  

Let Them Eat Candles is now sold in major grocery chains as well as online. A happy ending and the sweet taste of victory. The candles are sold online at LetThemEatCandles.com as well as local shops, Superior Nut Chicago and the Windy City Boutique in Lake Villa.