Lightfoot fights back tears while speaking about brother at St. Leonard's Ministries rededication event

An organization that houses formerly incarcerated men and women is celebrating 25 years of service in Chicago.

St. Leonard's Ministries hosted a rededicating event Tuesday morning.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot spoke at the event, fighting back tears as she discussed one of her older brothers who spent most of his adult life behind bars.


Lightfoot says criminal rehabilitation doesn't end at the prison gates, and that it is important to help former inmates grow roots in their community.

"It starts with housing, but it doesn't end there. It starts with reaching out and showing them that there's love and support, and that they have dignity, and that we are wiling to do everything we can to help them successfully transition," Lightfoot said.

Mayor Lightfoot also announced a $6 million pilot to provide a full year of housing support as well as job placement for returning residents coming next year.