Lightfoot, Johnson after bloody holiday weekend: 'Our city deserves better'

After a violent holiday weekend in which nearly 70 people were shot and six killed, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson met with the media Monday for their weekly "Accountability Monday."

"Weekends like this one, we just cannot continue to see. Our city deserves better,” Johnson said.

Sixty-six people were shot in Chicago in 42 separate shooting incidents, between 6pm Wednesday and midnight Sunday. Five of those shooting victims died, and another person was stabbed to death.

"We have a strategy. The strategy is constantly being evaluated and calibrated,” Lightfoot said.

On the positive side, police took 199 guns off the streets during the holiday weekend and arrested 84 people on felony gun charges. But more than half those arrested have already posted bond and are back on the street, which is something Johnson says has to change.

"There has to be a certainty for them that they'll be held accountable for it. Paying a one-hundred-dollar bond--that's not it,” he said.

Mayor Lightfoot, who rode along with police last week in the troubled Englewood district, says she plans to push Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans to stop the revolving door.

"They shouldn't be out one the street. We can't keep our communities safe if people keep cycling through the system,” Lightfoot said.

Also, the mayor announced that “Accountability Monday” is going to be shifted to “Accountability Tuesday” in order to give police a little bit more time to crunch the weekend numbers.