Lightfoot responds to 'false' and 'salacious' rumors

On Monday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot doubled down on her denial of weekend rumors that she would soon resign.

Lightfoot said this past weekend's speculation on social media had upset her wife, Amy, and their teenage daughter.

"I’ll just share my exchange with my 13-year old. We explained to her -- and felt the need to explain to her -- because some of you put her in your mouths. She said, ‘why are people so stupid and mean?’" Lightfoot said.

Earlier in the day, the mayor's personal Twitter account retweeted her allies at the LGBTQ Victory Fund, calling it a political "tactic."

"In a tough week for Chicago, some are spreading homophobic rumors about @LoriLightfoot, using Qanon-style tactics. They are untrue and should be condemned by all who are sick of blatant lies and the harm they cause to our democracy," the tweet read.


When Lightfoot was asked about running for re-election, she demurred.

"Can you let me get through my second year? I haven't even gotten there yet. Can I have that as a little milestone? And the politics will take care of itself," Lightfoot said.

The mayor criticized reporters who checked out the rumors, including attempts to find where they originated.

"Certainly it's disappointing that something so salacious and false and goes against everything and who I am, that some of you took seriously and were trying to chase down sourcing for," Lightfoot said.

Several of Lightfoot's most outspoken foes, including the president of the Fraternal Order of Police, denied having anything to do with the rumors.