Lightfoot throws Chicago police 'under bus,' fails to call out gang violence, alderman says

While Chicago struggles to grapple with its crime increase, Chicago’s 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez told "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday that Mayor Lori Lightfoot has thrown police "under the bus" and failed to call out gang violence.

RAYMOND LOPEZ: Well, you know, right now, the activists and everyone are protesting the police shooting of a 13-year-old gang recruit because that is the narrative that they want to project. They're not interested in fighting for those truly innocent victims who are just trying to do with your child and so many other children are trying to do in my city and across the country. And I'm fighting for those children who just deserve a chance to grow up.



They're fighting for those causes that perpetuate that narrative that somehow police are bad, the government is awful, and that we need more money for more programs to do absolutely nothing. And we see the results of that in the city of Chicago on a daily basis. We see that now with the state's attorney interfering with the work of a long-standing assistant state's attorney who's well respected and trying to bring truth to power with regards to that shooting.


And we see it with the narrative that our mayor is playing time and again where she's throwing the police under the bus and has yet to call out gangs in the city of Chicago.

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