Lincoln Park Zoo gets major makeover

There are big changes at the famed Lincoln Park Zoo.

The results of two multi-million dollar renovations are about to open to the public after months of re-construction.

The most stunning exhibit is the new and improved Walter Family Arctic Tundra, and to say the Lincoln Park polar bears are 'upgrading' their home might be an understatement.

"It's a much bigger, well designed space for them,” said zoo president and CEO Kevin Bell.

And this designed is all custom, transforming what was a small pool and some walking space into a true 'bear-a-dice' complete with a waterfall, ice blocks and even a polar bear fishing pond.

"We have a way to put fish into the pool so the bears can hunt for fish,” Bell said.

The polar bears are fishing, hunting and loving every day in a much larger space.

"It actually triples the space for the bears,” Bell said.

It actually triples the space and the comfort, with air conditioning for both the bears and the public.

"This new exhibit has an ice cave that the polar bears can go into on one side separated by glass from the public, who can also go into the ice cave,” Bell said.

All of this was made possible by the ongoing $125 million fund raising effort.

Other improvements call for a new welcoming center, a new outdoor penguin habitat, and if the zoo reaches its fund raising goal, a $30 million dollar makeover of the historic Kovler Lion House. 

"It will be very special. Much more special that it is now,” Bell said.

The Walter Family Arctic Tundra and the Pritzker Penguin Cove are set to open this fall.