Lisle High School shows 'One Pride' spirit on Orange Friday

The entire student body at Lisle High School turned out for a pep rally featured on Good Day Chicago’s Orange Friday.

The relatively small high school is a hidden gem, located in the beautiful Lisle Park District.

The cheerleaders, dance team and marching band celebrated the Home of the Lions and their theme, "One Pride." Principal Jeff Howard instilled the motto. 

"I think ‘One Pride’ is really the thread that holds our student body together and then it links out to our community. Even our alumni, our history, ties everything together. Our students help one another. Our teachers help our students. Our alumni and community really pitch in and this is one big network. Our kids are absolutely amazing and to turn out for this and to be as excited as they are, they’re excited to work with each other," Howard said.

"We have some really hardworking students here. We have students who are involved in multiple sports, multiple clubs, multiple activities and I think that really shows that we’re just so spirited. The students really love to show up for each other. We have the fall play this weekend and there’s going to be a bunch of students watching. So we keep our spirits and they’re able to maintain all those things with the small student body," Spirit Squad Captain Helen Gorzkowski said.

McKenna Kane is a three sport athlete who just finished up her volleyball season with a tournament hosted at the school. 

"I’m a senior this year. We had a lot of freshmen, a lot of sophomores, a lot of underclassmen, so we really grew as a team from last year to this year. And it was really cool to see each other grow and like just become a really strong program," Kane said. 

Lisle High School is rated in the top 10% of high schools nationwide.