Local law enforcement experts react to fatal police shooting video of Adam Toledo

Adam Toledo was shot and killed by a Chicago Police Officer on March 29, and on April 1, some of the details of the shooting were made public.

"Adam, during his last second of life, did not have a gun in his hand," said Adeena Weiss Ortiz, the Toledo Family’s attorney.

The video released by Chicago Police is slowed down and zoomed-in, and police use arrows to show what they say is a gun in Adam Toledo’s hand.

The video from the Civilian Office of Police Accountability shows the officer two minutes into the video telling Toledo to stop.

Four seconds later, the officer says, "Show me your hands!"

Two seconds after that, Toledo was shot.

"Adam complied with the officer’s request," said Weiss Ortiz. "Dropped the gun, turned around. The officer saw he complied and pulled the trigger."


Criminal justice instructor Mike Brown says it’s unreasonable to think the officer had time to figure out if the 13-year-old had a gun in his hands or not.

"He made a tragic split second decision, plus the fact that there was no barrier between Adam and the officer. For the officer to say I can give it more time to see if this young man is going to comply," said Criminal Justice Instructor Mike Brown.