Violent thriller 'Love Lies Bleeding' hits theaters next week

She’s not in "Twilight" anymore – Oscar-nominated actress Kristen Stewart stars in the bloody and violent new thriller "Love Lies Bleeding," opening in theaters around Chicago next week.

"Love Lies Bleeding" tells the story of two women who fall in love – but become entangled in a small-town murder…possibly committed by one of the women.

Stewart, along with her co-star Katy O’Brian and the film’s writer/director Rose Glass, sat down with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton to discuss the film – and the difference between the days which features love and relationships…and the days that featured bloody violence.

"You find yourself in incredibly weird scenarios," director Rose Glass said, "Everyone’s around just drinking tea and like ‘Cool, I guess if his jaw’s smashed off here then where would his teeth be?"

"Do you walk a grilled cheese sandwich?!" Stewart joked, showing the comfort that the crew has with the fake blood on set.

"Love Lies Bleed" opens in Chicago on Friday, March 15th.