'Lunatic fringe': Pritzker links Illinois GOP candidates with Trump during state fair appearance

Wearing a blue tie, Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Wednesday predicted some new blue wins during Governor's Day at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield.

He predicted Democratic party victories this fall in suburban communities such as DuPage County, once a Republican stronghold.

"You are turning DuPage into BluePage," Pritzker exclaimed.


The Democrats made little mention of inflation or their party's president, Joe Biden, still rated poorly in voter opinion polls. They did repeatedly link Republican candidates to Donald Trump.

"The lunatic fringe has taken over their party, and they’ll say anything, do anything, destroy anything to get elected. You see, the Donald Trump’s and the Darren Bailey’s of this world want us to feel along in the struggles that we're all facing together," Pritzker said.

The Darren Bailey for Governor campaign greeted Pritzker later at the state fairgrounds with an airplane-towed banner reading "Fire JB Pritzker."

Thursday is Republicans Day at the fair, when the party's top candidates hold a rally of their own, sounding at times like a high school pep rally.

"Are you ready for the fight? Let’s go get’em everybody. Let's win in 2022," Pritzker said.

Republican Day at the fair will feature all of their slate of candidates, including leaders in the General Assembly.