Lyft partners with Chicago organization to provide free rides to students who struggle getting to work

Lyft is providing free rides to those who struggle the most getting to and from work.

"For some students this is a huge barrier to work, and they would not be able to work without this service from Lyft," said Sharon Parmet, the communications director for Chicago non-profit Urban Autism Solutions.

The organization helps West Side students find employment.

Through a partnership with Lyft, Urban Autism Solutions can help employed students get free rides to and from work.


Alejandro Sanchez secured his job at DD’s Discounts in Cicero with the help of the non-profit and takes advantage of the program.

"They pick you up during your work and drive you home, sometimes the people in the car talk to you.  So it's a great experience," he said.

"For a lot of students who we work with, who have autism and related challenges, they come from the West Side.  A lot of their neighborhoods are quite dangerous and being able to provide Lyft to give them rides to and from work, enables them to get back and forth safely," said Parmet.

 "What we do is we identify a need, so in this case access to employment," said Lisa Boyd, Head of Social Impact for Lyft.

The ride-sharing company also provides free rides to the public through a partnership with Goodwill and the United Way.

Individuals can access a ride to a job interview, job training, the polls and to receive a COVID vaccine by going to