Majority of Dolton voters favor recalling Mayor Tiffany Henyard

Dolton voters — more than 50% — decided Tuesday to recall Mayor Tiffany Henyard.

However, now a court will decide whether the votes are legal.

In February 2021, Henyard was sworn in as Dolton’s first Black mayor.

But during this election cycle, five village trustees ran a successful recall campaign against her. The trustees accused Henyard of corruption, and hiring at least one registered sex offender.


Before the vote totals were fully counted Tuesday, Henyard had said she was disappointed in an Appellate Court's last-minute decision to allow the counting of the recall votes.

"I am disappointed in the Appellate Court’s decision requiring illegal recall votes to be counted in today’s election. The merits of this case are clear. It is an Unconstitutional referendum and while there is certainly no time to print new ballots, there is no valid reason to compel election authorities to count the votes," she said.

Henyard went on to say, "I had 82 percent of the support of the electorate in the 2021 election. The political opportunists behind this recall effort may very well regret asking the Court to allow the recall votes to be counted as they might not like the results."

Fifty-six percent of Dolton voters Tuesday favored recalling Mayor Henyard.

"We are grateful, honored and blessed to the voters of Dolton who firmly stood up against this morally corrupt Mayor. Never in the history of our town have we witnessed a mayor who has chosen to ignore ethics and the law. The right decision has been made by the voters." Dolton Trustee Jason House said in a statement.

A court will make the final decision.