Man burglarizes woman's Old Town apartment while she slept

FOX 32 NEWS - It was a frightening experience for a woman living in Old Town.

A man broke into her apartment and stole her belongings while she was sleeping just inches away from him.

“Definitely still scared, it's a strange feeling to not be able to come to your own home even during the day time or think that he could be watching me,” the victim, Allie, said.

Allie - who doesn't want us to identify by her last name - was asleep Sunday morning when a man got into her apartment and came within inches of her, stealing her belongings.

Building surveillance cameras captured the man carrying a large pocketknife and a backpack at the front door of the Old Town building.

You see him try to dial her number, but she doesn't answer.

Less than a minute later, he follows two others inside and walks down the hall straight to her door, which was unlocked.

Allie says she never woke up while the stranger was inside her small studio apartment, but reports several things are missing - like a credit card and a bag which held her work id and a friends passport.

"I don’t know what else he did while he was in here, but he was standing right here while I was sleeping,” Allie said.

The cameras show he was in Allie's apartment for only a few minutes before leaving the building, putting a piece of paper in the front door to make it easier to get back inside.

Allie says her life has been turned upside down and doesn't want it to happen to anyone else.

"I just want him to know that I know that it happened, what he looks like and I want people to be looking for him,” Allie said.

The suspect didn't take a MacBook computer that was sitting next to the bag he stole. He has since used her credit card at McDonalds, Walgreens and a gas station.

Police say no one is in custody.