Man charged with capital murder after confessing to strangling his grandmother and great-grandmother

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office has linked a second deceased body to the investigation involving a body found in a tote hidden behind a church in Spring. They have also confirmed that one person is in custody.

22-year-old Jaryd Ramos has been charged with capital murder after the bodies of his grandmother and great grandmother were discovered.

Investigators were led to the 24400 block of King Briar Drive where they interviewed Ramos at the home he shares with relatives.

Authorities spoke with Ramos about missing person reports filed in November for his grandmother and great-grandmother, Barbara and Regina Gromley. After a search, the body of his 90-year-old great-grandmother, Regina, was found in a trash can in the backyard. Shortly after this discovery, Ramos confessed to strangling both Regina, and his 59-year-old grandmother Barbara, the woman found in the tote bag behind the church.

Authorities believe the murder to be premeditated, due to the planning and research Ramos confessed to doing to hide the bodies. Although he has been cooperating with authorities, they say he has not expressed remorse for his confessed actions. 

There is no clear motive at this time, but Ramos reportedly told law enforcement officers that he was "tired of them".