Man convicted of murder based on investigation by disgraced Chicago detective to be released from prison

A man convicted of murder based on an investigation done by a disgraced former Chicago police detective is expected to be released from prison Friday. 

Attorneys say Detective Reynaldo Guevara forced Richard Kwil to confess to a crime he did not commit.

Kwil has spent over 24 years wrongfully imprisoned.

In August 2022, the Cook County State's Attorney's Office announced it will no longer oppose efforts to vacate convictions where former detective Guevara played a critical role in the investigation. 


"Based on many rulings by Illinois state courts and appellate courts' findings that Detective Guevara is basically a corrupt officer who can not be credited or trusted, the state ultimately agreed in Mr. Kwil's case as well to throw out the conviction," said Anand Swaminathan, attorney for the Exoneration Project.

Kwil's co-defendant, David Gecht, was released last year after a two-day evidentiary hearing on Gecht's post-conviction petition.