Man cuts hole in walls to steal from Chicago businesses

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Criminals are using a bold technique in burglaries on Chicago's South Side.

Police say people are breaking into businesses, and then making a hole in the wall to get into another business that's next door. There have been 5 similar incidents in the past five months.

The most recent incident happened last week where the criminals got a two-for-one burglary.

Unfortunately, for Red Snapper and Metro PCS, this is becoming the norm.

In the past six months, the restaurant has been burglarized 3 times and the tech store has been hit twice.

And that's not the only thing they have in common, because they also share a wall.

Burglars busted through that wall a week ago, which gave them a "two for the price of one" crime.

"It was big enough for a body to fit through, and then they tore up all the cabinets and stuff looking for the money," said Javar Orange with Metro PCS.

The two stores have security systems, so how did the suspect or suspects even get in? The restaurant manager said Tuesday night the criminals got lucky.

He said the suspects got in through the back door which had a broken security sensor, not alerting the owners or police of the break in.

So the suspects took their time.

Red Snapper manager Hussein Khalil said they were inside the restaurant for three hours.

Surveillance video shows them trying to disable the security system, attempting to break open a safe and finally smashing through the wall.

“They had to be extra thirsty to rob a store, a restaurant next door and then come in and rob us as well," said Orange.

He said they got away with about 100 bucks from his tech store, but didn't take any product.

Not the same can be said back next door.

Khalil said once the suspects took change and a couple of computers, they stopped for a snack. At least one of them could be seen on camera ducking behind the front counter snacking on soft drinks and cake.

In the end, the criminals stole a few hundred bucks and did thousands of dollars in damage.

“From how much work this guy put in and how much time he put in here, if he just worked a normal job he probably would've made the same amount of money,” said Khalil.

Just three blocks away, another business had their walls smashed during a burglary earlier this month.

Police told FOX 32 there have been five similar burglaries this year, all on the South Side.

Chicago police remind the public to report any suspicious activity and never pursue an assailant.

Also, if you are a business owner, make sure your surveillance systems are working properly, all doors are secured and your business is well lit.

If you know anything about these crimes call Area South Detective Division (312) 747-8273.