Man drives 870 miles to get KFC for his wife to celebrate anniversary

Every year on their anniversary, Mike and Angela Hovak eat KFC. The tradition began at their wedding reception, where everyone dined on the delicious fried bird.

But this year, the couple ran into a problem because the nearest KFC had closed down.

Mike, though, was going to let that kill their tradition. "We have to keep traditions alive,” he told CBC.

So, Mike and one of his sons hopped into their car and drove to the next nearest KFC, which was 435 miles away. Round-trip, Mike and his son drove 870 miles.

Once they were at the KFC, Mike ordered 15 buckets of chicken. Mike says they responded with, “Uh,' that might take a little while."

As for the drive time and the $600 in fuel and chicken, Mike says it was "worth every penny.”

Mike and Angela have now been eating KFC on their anniversary for 15 years.