Man quarantined on cruise ship in February 'can't seem to get rid of the coronavirus'

Last month, Carl Goldman was a passenger on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. He has since been in quarantine in Omaha, Nebraska.

Goldman spoke about his experience since being in quarantine, where he is still testing positive for the coronavirus. 

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"I bought a cruise for my wife for her birthday and Christmas," Goldman said. "Boarded the Diamond Princess, had a 15-day, wonderful cruise of our 16 days. On the last day, a passenger had gotten off at Hong Kong and had come down with the coronavirus four days later."

Goldman described how the ship was put into quarantine when Japanese officials found that 10 others aboard the ship had tested positive for the virus. Goldman said that they were quarantined in their cabin for 14 days after the initial discovery.

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"I got to spend Valentine's Day in our cabin with my wife, and it was quite an ordeal as we were watching more and more people on the Diamond Princess come down with the virus," Goldman said.

Goldman said that when he left the ship, he was showing no symptoms of the virus. When he got on a plane, he fell asleep and woke up two hours later with a 103-degree fever. He has now been in quarantine since Feb. 17.

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For treatment, Goldman said he is taking it one day at a time. He's getting tested every two days and said that he's been keeping busy by writing a daily blog and sharing his experiences with others. Goldman said he's also participating in a voluntary study in an effort to help health officials in their attempts to combat the virus. 

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