Man sentenced after sucker punching woman at Geneva bar, skipping trial

David P. Kliment (Kane County State's Attorney) 

A Morris man was sentenced to prison after punching a woman in a Geneva bar and skipping trial. 

The Kane County State's Attorney says David Hietschold has been sentenced to three and had years in prison for an aggravated battery that happened in 2021. 

Hietschold was at Third Street Station, a bar in the 300 block of Crescent Place, when he blindsided the victim with a closed-fist punch to the head that knocked her unconscious, officials say.

The victim had never met Hietschold before the incident. She was taken to an area hospital in an ambulance. 


The trial and sentencing hearing took place even though Hietschold didn't show up. He was last seen in court on July 22, 2022. 

A judge issued a warrant for his arrest when he failed to appear for his trial.

Hietschold was convicted of aggravated battery in October 2022.