Man steals iPhone from woman sitting in car in traffic on Michigan Avenue

Police have issued a warning after a thief snatched a cellphone straight from a woman's hands while she was in her car driving along Michigan Avenue, and there's word there could be more victims.

The incident happened around 6:45 Tuesday night at the intersection of Michigan and Randolph. The victim was not injured, but her iPhone is long gone.

Stolen cell phones are a hot commodity on the streets. An iPhone like the one Tracey Alston owned can be worth up to $700.

The victim was sitting in her car with the window down when a young man approached from the rear of the car, reached in and grabbed the cell phone right out of her hands.

"He yanked it out of my hand and he started running. I opened the door, I’m screaming he stole my phone he stole my phone!" Alston said.

The suspect ran across the street, met another man and both bolted down the stairs to the Metra train station. Alston says it happened at a red light in bumper to bumper traffic.

Now, the mother and marketing professional wants her story to be a reminder to others to pay attention.

She says the officer who responded told her she was the fifth victim that day to have their cell phone snatched from their car.

Chicago police cannot confirm that number. They say they are still investigating and no one is in custody.