Man who worked at Disney accused of stealing $7,000 in costumes from Magic Kingdom attractions

Orange County deputies arrested have arrested a man they say stole Disney memorabilia and peddled it online.  Deputies arrested Patrick Spikes, 24, who worked at Walt Disney World.

Deputies say they discovered the theft while investigating a missing animatronic character from the theme park.




During their search, they found social media sites Spikes allegedly used to post behind-the-scenes photos from the park.

That put detectives on his trail, and they eventually found evidence that Spikes stole ten items of clothing and accessories from animatronic characters in the Haunted Mansion ride - together valued at more than $7,000. Deputies say he sold one dress to a collector online for $1,000.

One of the people who claims they bought the merchandise from Spikes told deputies that Spikes said he had Disney's permission to have the property.

Spikes is facing charge of burglary, grand theft and dealing in stolen property.