Marlen Ochoa-Lopéz: Prayer vigil held 4 years after gruesome murder of pregnant Chicago teen, infant son

Sunday marks four years since Marlen Ochoa-Lopéz and her infant son were brutally murdered in a Southwest Side home. 

The family, clergy and Chicago residents will gather in front of the large mural painted in Pilsen to pay their respects to Marlen and Yovanny Jadiel Lopéz with a prayer vigil. 

On April 23, 2019, 19-year-old Ochoa-Lopéz was lured by a woman and her daughter to a Scottsdale home with the promise of free baby items, according to prosecutors. 

She was strangled and her son was cut out from her womb by Clarisa Figueroa and her 24-year-old daughter Desiree Figueroa.

The mother and daughter allegedly wrapped her in a blanket and put the body into a large plastic bag. They then dragged it outside and placed it in a garbage can in a hidden area next to their garage about 4 miles from Ochoa-Lopez's own home, according to authorities.

Clarisa Figueroa then called 911, claiming that she had just delivered her own newborn baby and that it was not breathing, authorities said. When first responders arrived, the child was blue. They tried to resuscitate the infant and transported Clarisa Figueroa and the boy to a nearby hospital.

When she went to the hospital, doctors who examined her found "no signs consistent with a woman who had just delivered a baby." She also had blood on her arms, hands and face that authorities later determined was from Ochoa-Lopez, prosecutors said.

Ochoa-Lopez's son, Yovanny, died two months later. 


Piotr Bobak, 44, accepted a plea for obstructing justice in January 2023 after the family and prosecutors say he helped cover up the murders. 

Clarisa Figueroa and Desiree Figuero have pleaded not guilty to a 27-count indictment that includes charges of first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated battery of a child and dismembering a body.

Left to Right: Desiree Figueroa, Clarisa Figueroa, Piotr Bobak

Marlen's husband Yovany Lopéz and her now 7-year-old old son Joshua will hold a vigil in front of the altar that they built for their family. 

The vigil begins at 2 p.m. at 16th Street and Newberry.