Marni Yang lawyers call for investigation into former Bear Shaun Gayle

A Super Bowl champion Bear is being dragged into a high-profile north suburban murder case.

Attorneys for Marni Yang say they have new evidence that blows a hole in the alibi of former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle.

Attorney Jed Stone has been fighting to free 52-year-old Marni Yang, who is serving two life sentences in a downstate prison for the 2007 murder of Rhoni Reuter.

Yang and Reuter were both having a sexual relationship with former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle, and Reuter was carrying his unborn child when she was shot to death in her Deerfield condo.

Prosecutors convicted Yang, saying she killed Reuter in a fit of jealous rage.

On Tuesday, Yang’s defense team filed a flurry of motions aimed at undermining the state’s case with a focus on a video tape showing Gayle going into a North Chicago barbershop the morning Reuter was murdered.

Prosecutors told a grand jury the video provides an alibi for Gayle because it shows he was nowhere near Deerfield at the time of the murder. But Yang’s attorneys say a forensic specialist has now determined Gayle’s image was actually captured more than two hours later.

“The alibi that Miss Fix has created for Shaun Gayle has fallen apart,” Stone said. “I am convinced an investigation into others must be conducted and must be conducted fairly and fully.”

FOX 32 was unable to reach Shawn Gail for comment. A spokesperson for the Lake County State’s Attorney says they do not talk about ongoing litigation.

Lawyers for both sides will be in court for a hearing on the evidence on January 12.